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Shooters Hill 17 - 69 Askeans - Excellent warm up match!

Jack Henderson and the Askeans Team gave an excellent performance against Shooters Hill last Saturday.

Always in control and quickly 3 tries ahead, it was particularly encouraging to enjoy well worked tries, great decision making, and, most importantly, playing with patience, control and discipline (unfortunately Eddie Jones wasn’t watching).

Congratulations to Captain Jack Henderson and Askeans Team and Coach Tim Keepax!

A result that augurs well for our exciting debut season at The Rectory Field!

Special date in the Diary: Saturday, 18th September….

- 1st league game of the season: Askean RFC vs Sittingbourne RFC

- Our 1st game at our new home, The Rectory Field, the home of Club Rugby

- Pre Match Buffet at 1.30 pm- Guest of Honour, Mike Lalley - our opportunity to thank Mike for his donation, which led to the formation of 'Friends of Askean RFC'

We look forward to seeing you there!

PS A great bar at The Rectory Field, excellent hospitality, remember to bring your cards (No cash!)

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