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Frankie goes to HeavenWorld


Frankie Briggs was a giant – not in stature but with a heart that was the size of Dorset.

The Abbey at Sherborne was rammed with Family and friends who  all gathered to say goodbye and celebrate his very full and wonderful life.

A large number of pews were jammed with Askeans all wanting to pay their own farewell to ‘Mr Rugby’ – a nickname that was well deserved and sat comfortably on Frank’s broad shoulders.

There were outstanding tributes to him, all with barely concealed emotion, from his daughters Sophie and Phoebe and from his great friend Richard.

The final hymn was fittingly ‘Jerusalem’ and it was noticeable that everyone there – all missing Frank – sang with emotion and real feeling. Frank would have liked that!

Memories of ‘Mr Rugby’ were shared in the pub after the memorial – his antics on the Askean tours of the Isle of Man and Germany, the time he convinced Stewart McKinney, a celebrated British Lion, to play for his team and the fact that many of his players refused to be promoted to a higher team because playing for Frank was such great fun!

Isle of Man Tour

The best thought also came in the pub (best ideas always start in the pub, obviously) - Frank’s son, Chris, and daughters Sophie and Phoebe love the idea of having a memorial for Frank at the Rectory Field - we could almost hear the big man suggesting it himself (and regretting that he wouldn’t be there!) A date will be arranged and details circulated as soon as we know.

If you want to know just how to make the most of the rest of your life, take with you this thought – ‘Let’s be Frank’

Frankie Briggs - Rest in Peace, Our Friend.


Written by Dave Shute 


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