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All bar naan

It has been an Askean tradition that (long) after a match the players would head off to Lee (not a euphemism) in search of sustenance, or in the absence of that, a decent lamb madras.

This represented a certain camaraderie and was reflected in the ‘Breaking of bread’ with your team mates – obviously, in the absence of Hovis, this involved the ceremonial smashing of poppadoms over the head and the ordering of an especially hot and inedible dish for unsuspecting newcomers to the club.

The evening invariably concluded with a pathetic and largely unsuccessful attempt to ‘do a runner’.

On Friday evening, June 24, a variation on this tradition was revived with the first Askean Curry and Beer Evening at the Rectory Field.

Being the ‘off season’ (rather than the aforementioned ‘off your trolley’ season) the event was not a post- game experience and was rather more civilised (This despite it being organised by Lunny).

It was especially encouraging that current players, including Greenwich Students made up a large contingent.............................

This season's Captain Charlie King and partner Maddie, immediate past Captain Jack Henderson and partner Holly, Shane, Frank, Danny, Roddy, Adam, Rob. Jono, Greenwich University Chairman Chris, Sam and Yet from Greenwich University, Paul Walsh, Sports Master, Woolwich Poly, and Wilko, Greenwich University Coach

Askean players Roddy, Jono, Nic and Adam

Captains-in-Arms - Charlie King and Jack Henderson

They were nobly supported by the evening’s host, the aptly named Bob Noble, whose entourage comprised his Family: sister, Christine and husband George, brother Frank, nephew Alex and wife Adele, son Robbie, cousin Luca, aunt Cathy, niece Sam and boyfriend Matt and niece Jenny

Rob Noble with sister Christine and brother Frank

Rob with nephew Alex and wife Adele

Rob with other Family members, including son Robbie

The total also included some former players led by Lunny and PA – who combined to significantly increase the average age, the consumption of black coffee and the exaggeration of just how good they were back in the old days.

Being Askeans, a fair quantity of beer was consumed – many of the first pints courtesy of Lunny’s credit card, which I imagine took a fair bit of punishment during the course of the evening.

A fine chicken curry, complemented by bhajis and naan bread was prepared and served courtesy of Kerina and Marilyn.

The food was exceptional and well appreciated by all present.

As host, it was the duty of Bob Noble to give an introductory welcome.

In a later break in proceedings, Charlie King received the Annual Football Match Challenge Shield for the 2021 victory against Greenwich Veterans.

Dan presents Charlie King with the Annual Football Match Challenge Shield

Steve Homewood, the Chairman and Ian Johns arrived whilst the food was still plentiful and hot.

They desisted filling a plate, however, as they had just successfully extricated themselves from a Charity Golf Dinner.

They arrived in good time to hear Lunny give an inspired and inspirational speech in which he emphasised the commitment to building the Askean strength and presence at the Rectory Field, where we have been made extremely welcome.

Ian Lunn inspiring those present

He also confirmed the strong social calendar over the summer including a Pub Quiz, and a Former Players Lunch.

Finally, he underlined the multi- faceted and continuing recruitment campaign to strengthen the team for the new season.

Overall, a truly successful evening in the Askean tradition and one that is almost certain to be repeated in the not too distant future!

Dave Shute (aka Shutey)

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